Collaborative Worldwide Tourism Initiative Hits Milestone

Golden Prospector Award

Business ownership in rural communities can be tough. The pool of potential customers is limited to the size of the surrounding community, and the opportunity to advertise to those outside your home market can be cost prohibitive. In January 2016, one group of small business owners in Kingman, Arizona decided to try to improve this outcome through an innovative, collaborative initiative to market their community on a worldwide scale. After one year, the results of Kingman Circle were truly remarkable.

Kingman Circle, a collaborative community marketing campaign, touts one of the most comprehensive messages about a single community online. First, a website that features local businesses, their positive news and upcoming events along with Historic Route 66 blogs and archived news stories provided by the local museum. Hitting over 18,000 worldwide viewers monthly and with a global page rank unmatched by any directory listing in the community, has rocketed to the top of searches no matter the originating country. Next, using Facebook and targeted digital advertising, over 1.2 million Route 66 enthusiasts, Grand Canyon visitors and those considering relocation nearby have seen a branded Kingman message in the last 12 months. Finally, through collaborative community support and billboard advertising, the campaign app has been downloaded by visitors from almost every country in the world.

Tourism Marketing has evolved

Liza Noland, President

Following the acceptance of the Golden Prospector Award for a Multi-Media Campaign given by the Arizona Association for Economic Development, Liza Noland, President of Ignite Brand Marketing and founder of the Kingman Circle initiative stated “Tourism marketing has evolved. More and more travelers are utilizing online resources for planning. This project gave us a chance to make a difference in our local community, and we would relish the opportunity to help others evolve their marketing strategies as well.”

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